Secret Ceremony

Secret Ceremony is a husband/wife duo consisting of Joe and Tuesday Foster.

Joe is a founding member of the Television Personalities, and also a co-founder of Creation Records. He recorded solo albums as Slaughter Joe and lent his musical talents to many other projects, including Biff Bang Pow!, with Alan McGee;Razorcuts; Playboy Revolutionary with Ed Ball; Selofane 74 with Tony Barber; The Missing Scientists with Daniel Miller…plus a whole lot more. Joe is also a legendary producer, with credits including the Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream, Felt, and all sorts of similarly wonderful music.

Tuesday spent her childhood wandering the lush, magical forests of the Pacific Northwestern United States. She studied classical music as a child and teen, later becoming a student of painting and art history. Her current body of work consists of large-scale paintings and drawings inspired by urban sprawl, generic cities and half-imagined, dreamy landscapes.

Secret Ceremony is a new sound and vision project for the Fosters, with a debut expected for 2012.